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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and having a good time with the family or out of school/work. I know I sure am!

So around this time of year, I have more free time. Which means I have more time to make videos. So in the next few days, you can expect a new Wii tutorial which will be awesome!

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The site has been redesigned and new forums have been added! So why not go visit our new forums and sign up!
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Yes, I have purchased a domain now and will no longer be used.
The new URL for the Official ARSC site is:
The blog will also be moved in about a couple of days to:
I will make a video soon announcing this to spread the word. Also stay tuned for forums!
I might/might not make them. If you want forums vote in this poll in the sidebar which will help me decide in making them or not.

I just uploaded a new video! It is about a new AC:CF hacking tool called PattViewX (Pattern Viewer Xpress). It is only available for VIP members at
Now, I'm not a VIP member but I got to try a press demo that Vash offered me and I made this video showing all of its new features. It is a great program so if you like PattView and if you like what you see in the video, you should consider getting VIP at if your signed up.

More Info on VIP status:

If you don't want to watch the video, check out this guide I made at the site:

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Hello everyone! I'd like to thank everyone that referred me when voting for the top 10 DS Homebrew games and applications. The voting has now ended and the results are in!

The voting and referrer winners:
Voting Winner: Ikonz101 who voted for “1. GameUp 2. Codename Hacker 3. StillAliveDS”.
Referring Winner: "...And the winner is… comment #45 on page 5. Jesse M was referred by DSHacker14. So $25 goes to DSHacker14. The lesson here is, if you’re the only person that makes an effort to win a contest, you’ll get an easy prize."
(link to the post where winners where announced)

The results for the top 10 DS Homebrew are in!
With over 200+ votes the results are finally in! You can view the results for the top 10 DS Homebrew by clicking on this link. There are interviews by the creators of the apps/games posted there aswell. If you would like to see the top 20 winners go here.

I decided to wait at least a week before posting anything about Wii 4.2 on my blog since I though it would take at least a week or two until a fix came out. Lucky for us, Nintendo was so dumb they only changed the title id of the homebrew channel so a fix was available within 48 hours (today). Talk about Nintendo failure. Anyway I'm not going to make another video on how to get the Homebrew Channel on 4.2, I just updated my already existing video and posted on my site and twitter to get the word out. So on to the fix and information.

Sep 29, 2009: Nintendo has released a new version of the Wii, 4.2. If you update through Nintendo you will upgrade to this version. This version deletes the Homebrew Channel and disables the bannerbomb exploit (v1).

If you've ALREADY updated your Wii to 4.2 use Bannerbomb v2 to get the Homebrew Channel:

If you HAVEN'T updated to 4.2 but you WANT TO use the Hackmii installer v5 ( to update your homebrew channel to 1.0.5 with it. Once your Homebrew Channel is updated you can update to 4.2 and the Homebrew Channel will still be there. However it is NOT recommended to update to 4.2


Win $20 for voting in the top 10 DS homebrew ever made. If you vote you will be eligible to enter a raffle in which someone will be chosen to win $20! So start voting here:
Also chose from the long list of homebrew and vote on 3 and post on the site above. Example:

Name: DsHacker
Website: (do not put arsc)
1. name of homebrew from list
2. name of homebrew from list
3. name of homebrew from list
Referred by DsHacker14

If you decide to vote, remember to put in your comment that you where referred by me, DsHacker14!

If you are a homebrew developer enter this contest and you will be eligible to win up to $500 in prizes! (See more info here) All you have to do is send an email to: stating your name, the name of your software and your website address.

Original Source:
Credit: Bushing @ HackMii

We have no grand master exploit (yet), but have learned the following things:

  • There is a considerable amount of ROM (128K+?) and RAM (1MB+?) inside the CPU
  • The internal ROM is quite sophisticated, compared to that of the Starlet (boot0) — it is able to initialize both LCD panels, read from the SPI flash and the MMC NAND flash, and decrypt the contents of the 2nd-stage bootloader from NAND into internal RAM. If there is an error, it can display an error code on the top LCD.
  • The second stage bootloader is analogous to boot2 on the Wii — it can read the TMD for the System Menu from the NAND filesystem and load the contents into memory. Like the Wii, the code seems to be stored in NAND unencrypted (inside an encrypted filesystem). Unlike the Wii, it seems to actually verify the contents and signature of the TMD before executing it.
  • Most of the interesting keys seem to be stored inside internal RAM, safely out of reach from us. They are cleared when a cartridge is loaded, and probably even when a DSiWare app is loaded.
Pictures of DSi's internal hardware and ram:

In ARSC News:
We have a new VIP member, Sergeant! He is a great DS Hacker and he makes AR-DS Cheat codes and subscriptions so if you have any requests for him or the other AR-DS coder/subscription maker (Microchip55) please use this form or email:
Sergeant at
Microchip55 at

Hey people, it's DsHacker14 and Sildownic just uploaded my newest video about Item Tool. It shows you how to edit items, textures, and (as an example) how to make a different color lightsaber! Here's the description:

"This is a tutorial on the basics of using Item Tool without a USB Gecko.
Maybe in the next tutorial (if there will be one) I will teach you how to use LMT (Model Tool).
Item Tool and LMT is made by DSPet of

Visit my site for more Animal Crossing, Wii, and DS Hacks:
Original Release thread:

Item Tools:
.gct Files:
Savegame Files:
Gecko OS:

-Item Tool Codes-
If you would like to add the Item tool codes to your AC:CF Codelist here they are:

22115504 3BC0759C
06115504 00000050
3BC0759C 819D0000
7FA3EB78 7FC4F378
38A00020 818C0014
7D8903A6 4E800421
2C030000 7C7D1B78
4182003C 7FA3EB78
3C8090E4 38841164
60000000 60000000
60000000 60000000
E2000001 00000000

221151B4 3BC0759C
061151B4 00000050
3BC0759C 819D0000
7FA3EB78 7FC4F378
38A00020 818C0014
7D8903A6 4E800421
2C030000 7C7D1B78
4182003C 7FA3EB78
3C8090E7 38846D64
7FC5F378 4BEEF149
60000000 60000000
60000000 60000000
E2000001 00000000

-Useful Links-
Item tool, item sharing thread: "

The old gecko os cheat code database ( was moved to a newer location:

The database includes cheat codes for NTSC, PAL, and JAP regions or wii games, virtual console games, and wiiware games. Just click on the picture and chose the platform. It also has a nice search bar. Here is the link to the official gecko forums:

Many of you frequent visitors to my site are well aware that I update my site regularly. In this post I will make note of all of my recent updates as well as a new staff member on my site.

Here are my recent updates:

  • Added a search bar to the main home page
  • Made a table with the new content that has been added to the site. I will keep this updated every time new content is added. Located on the home page.
  • Made a new page for requests. That means you can make a request for a subscription, Wii Tutorial, DS Guide, etc. and the staff will do their best to get it done.
  • DsHacker14 (me) has written several new Wii tutorials as well as updated the Pokesav tutorial for use with Pokemon Platinum.
And now for the new staff member:

Microchip55! He was an Elite member and has contributed to the site mostly in AR subscriptions and we have decided to promote him as a moderator and co-owner in the ARSC Chat. He can make Action Replay codes and subscriptions.

Here's the newest video I have made. Its called "USB Loader - Ultimate Tutorials".
Video URL:

Here's the description:

These are the tutorials in the video. Skip to the time of whatever tutorial your looking for.
0:07 - Requirements
0:23 - How to get the USB Loader on the Hombrew Channel
1:07 - Setting up the USB Loader
2:05 - Adding Wii games to your USB (on PC)
2:30 - Extracting an ISO (Wii game) from your USB
3:06 - Reformatting your USB
3:32 - Installing a Wii game via the USB Loader
4:44 - Playing a Wii game via the USB

WBFS Manager:

USB Loaders:
- SD/USB Loader
- Wii Coverflow
- USB Loader GX

Thanks to sildownic for uploading this with his internet.

The DSi was recently hacked by the great minds of team twiizers. We can only expect cooler and greater things for the DSi scene in the future. Due to the huge excitement some people are already starting to develop their own homebrew apps for the DSi. For example, iDSitheman has been working on a very interesting project over the last few days. It will be called DSiTube which is, yep you guessed it right, YouTube for the DSi! Here's a link to Team twiizers and iDSitheman youtube channels so you can subscribe to them and stay updated:

Team Twiizers:

You can also count on me to blog these news and in the near future make my own DSi hacking videos. So stay tuned to ARSC - Nintendo Hackers HQ!

Site Updates
Hey everyone! I'm going to update the site with new tutorials such as:

- How to make basic AR codes
- Downgrading your Wii from any version to any version

I also need you cooperation to make the site better so if you can upload something- anything to the site like, for example, a subscription with your codes, or even submit a url of a video you think is good/helpful.

Maintaining the site
If you have noticed... the pictures i put under the "homebrew news" topic on the home page are refferals (prize rebel link). I put them there because since i dont have a paypal donate link and it does take some money out of my pocket to maintain the site, its the only way to earn revenue. So with that said if you wish to donate to the site (no money involved) just sign up here and do at least 2 offers so I can get 75% of however many points you get- you benefit and i benefit. If you dont want to do it.. that's okay. It's optional so don't feel obligated.

,Hello! This is SPARTA! actually this is sildownic. :D We have some new pwnsome updates for you wii haxxorz out there.. in another galaxy- Super Mario Galaxy 2! Ok seriously though here are the updates:

  • Will upload new Wii downgrader with readme.
  • New video! Called, "Best of the best, Recommended Wii Homebrew". View here (on teh tube). Also be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe!
  • New member system! Read about it here. Register here!

Many people have been asking me, "how do you downgrade your Wii?" Well ive been searching all over youtube for the video that is the most accurate and helpful and I have found this one. I apologize for not making a Downgrading video myself, but since there is alot out there already why not use them? Visit the link below to find out more about this video and be sure to read the description box.


Updates for ARSC:
1. I have updated the Wii downloads section so you must check that out
2. The subscriptions arent working for some people so I will fix that issue.
3. I will be uploading a new video Very soon so be ready, and also in the next few weeks expect a DSi video. After that there will (most likely) be a video on the USB Loader.

I would also like to take the time to thank all of you people that read this blog and visit our site and youtube channel. We GREATLY appreciate all of your uploads and feedback to the site, blog, and comments on our videos. You guys rock!

Want to help out with DSi homebrew development? Go Here: howtopic=149267 Download the DSi common key bruteforcer and read the forum for more information. By the way guys, im planning on making these videos so stay tuned:
- Recommended Wii Homebrew
- Acekard2i related video
- USB Loader video

Goodbye freewebs and hello new site! Visit our new and improved site here: I still need to tweak it abit, but it can only get better from here. Later I will register my own domain and then I will make a member interface. E-mail your suggestions/comments please!
Well on to our usual hacking updates:

1. wad manager v1.4 is out by waninkoko, it works with all versions of the wii
2. New version of the homebrew channel is out and can be installed with bootmii. It now supports loading apps from the usb.
3. Usb loader v1.5 is out by waninkoko. You can load wii isos from a usb. (very convinient)
4. DSi SD exploit is soon to be found. Meanwhile check the wiki:
5. Gecko 1.9.01 is released and it has some nice updates. One in which you can change how the design and background looks like.
6. Be sure to checko out the safe firmware updater to 4.0 and the new downgrader 1.1

Latest Video:
This is my latest video about how to get the homebrew channel on a 4.0 wii throught the newest exploit, called bannerbomb, which replaces twilight hack. You no longer need to use twilight princess :). Btw, my next video will be about item tool. Maybe a tutorial or something, im stilll thinking about it.

Site updates:
I am very close to being finished with the new site, i just need to trim it around the edges to make it look nicer. But the main pages are all done. I've been a little lazy lately so I havent set up the download center and I still need to add a coulple of videos, and then im done. Also If anyone has experience with MySQL databases, please e-mail me at And if anyone knows any good hosts that support various coding languges and mySQL databases, email me.

Here is my new video!

This video tells you about the new kind of DLC called OHDLC or Overlapped Hacked Downloadable Content, as well as all the other types of DLC.
At the time of making the nintendo dlc only had the items I put in the video but as of now there has been several new DLC:
- Nintendo DSi Bench

Game-Hackers "New Plan":

UPDATE: Do you want to make your own accf items? Now you can thanks to DsPet's Item_Tool and LMT. Download them at By the way I will soon be making a video about Item Tool and I'm looking for user made items so if you will submit your picture by sending me links through a Private Message or just e-mail them as an attachment, links, etc. to

Music: Google "D3Y" and click on his soundclick profile and view all of his music and it's called KK Slider Steep Hill Dance Remix

Check out youtubes future look (beta):

My next video is going to be about Item Tool and LMT so stay tuned. :)

Yes once again i updated the css template. I've decided to update the freewebs site and organize it more while i work on the HTML site and move to another web host. I realized it would take me longer than i expected so im going to spend the next 2 weeks or so updating the already up and running arsc site for you people. I don't know exactly when the HTML site im working will be finished but if all goes well ill probably have it done or close to done in the next month. If i don't ill work on it during the summer and make it as best i can. Here are a few updates:

- Im going to upload a new video on youtube about OHDLC soon
- Item tool is out go check it out at
- My next video will be about item tool

If you have any ideas or suggestions for arsc please email me at They are greatly appreciated.

Well.. making each and every page of the site with html might take me longer than i expected.. luckily though, i have downloaded a great html editor to speed up the pace. I only have one problem though with the new site. I don't really know how to transfer all the members that are on freewebs to the new site. :/ (if anyone knows the solution, please state it by commenting :D) But I also see it as a good thing because it can serve as a members clean out or people sign up because they truely want to join my site, not because of just wanting to download something from my mediafire account that has a password on it -.- Anyways, in ACCF news, the dsi couch has been released and a new version of ez dlc install is available on (thanks to DsPet) Also OHDLC is in it's begginings (read more about that in and i will soon be making a video of that and the new ITEM_TOOl and LMT (tools for creating items/HDLC in accf) once DsPet releases it. Please ask questions in the comments.

I got my freewebs account back a few days ago, but i've been thinking lately and I don't really want to be with freewebs anymore for several reasons. I'm not going to explain these reasons here but all I want you people to know is stay tuned whenever i change the website url because im going to be moving to a different host and, unlike freewebs, I will be actually making the pages again with html so I will get to learn a few things about programming and also css style sheets. I've already made a few of the pages so it won't be long untill im done with the whole site.

Wow.. someone reported my site on freewebs for copyright infringement O.o I'm sure I didn't have any and whoever reported it didn't even e-mail me to state why.. Hopefully freewebs will let me have it back. If they don't then im thinking about moving to a better website host. I just don't know who.. Anyway, all my pages are saved so it should be no problem. The only problem is how to move my members.. Well it is all just a matter of time and I hope to get the site up and running soon. I do have some good news though, we have three new official DLC they are:

  • Girl's day updo (released in Japan)
  • Shamrock hat (first DLC released in US)
  • Tokonoma (released in Japan)
These new DLC can be downloaded here.

Tour of my town and house, hope you like it :)

Map of my town:

Video made by: DsHacker14/elquesiempregana

Posted via YouTube

Now this is the video tutorial i made. From the DsHacker14 youtube channel. Feel free to subscribe if you want :)

This video shows you how to make a giveaway and how to add the latest DLC items to your inventory using EZ_DLC_INSTALL (made by DSPet).
PLEASE NOTE: I made a mistake on when your choosing the parched flowers to replace them with DLC items, you have to choose one of the first five on the list. So you can't choose just any.

What you will need:

1.EZ_DLC_INSTALL: More info on this here:
2.ACToolkit: (or look on my other videos for a direct link)
3.An ACCF save
4.Homebrew channel
5.Legit copy of ACCF
6.An SD Card

Visit our website at:
Remember to subscribe for more ACCF, Hacking, and Gameplay videos.

UPDATE: Sorry if I don't answer your questions immediatly..because, let's just say my internet is gone until further notice.. but if you're wondering how I got this video on here if I don't have internet..well that's just because I have really nice friends. :) (sildownic) "

This is a nice video showing off the Hacked downloadable content in accf. I have made a video like this, but with instructions showing how to get it and everything but i accidently deleted it so I will be uploading it later. - Thunder13/Elquesiempregana

Check out this nice video showing all the DLC tool available as of now. This video was not made by me, it was made by a friend of mine (flashbladeTST).

Do you want to create your own AC:CF Items? I'm sure everyone does, and now people with Wiibrew can! Stay tuned for a new release of a new AC:CF Hack, DLC_Tool. Today DSPet has released a DLC Installer that currently has 5 items for you to install on your AC:CF game.

Nintendo Official:

  • "red Pikmin" - hat item (released Xmas 08 in Japan) - item code $AEB0
  • "top" - furniture item (released New Years 09 in Japan) - item code $C840

Unofficial 'hacked' DLC:

  • "ShinyBluePikmin" - like 'red Pikmin hat' but shiny blue. Catalog it and buy from Nook - item code $CA00
  • "RedLightSabreV1" - acts like a golden axe. Can not catalog. Get one from a hacker friend - item code $CA04
  • "BlueLightSabreV1" - acts like a golden axe. Can not catalog. Get one from a hacker friend - item code $CA08

Once you installed these DLC Items, you can use the text to item code (by Maniac) to put in the corresponding hex and you can use them in givaways or give them to your friends.