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Here's the newest video I have made. Its called "USB Loader - Ultimate Tutorials".
Video URL:

Here's the description:

These are the tutorials in the video. Skip to the time of whatever tutorial your looking for.
0:07 - Requirements
0:23 - How to get the USB Loader on the Hombrew Channel
1:07 - Setting up the USB Loader
2:05 - Adding Wii games to your USB (on PC)
2:30 - Extracting an ISO (Wii game) from your USB
3:06 - Reformatting your USB
3:32 - Installing a Wii game via the USB Loader
4:44 - Playing a Wii game via the USB

WBFS Manager:

USB Loaders:
- SD/USB Loader
- Wii Coverflow
- USB Loader GX

Thanks to sildownic for uploading this with his internet.


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