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Yes, I have purchased a domain now and will no longer be used.
The new URL for the Official ARSC site is:
The blog will also be moved in about a couple of days to:
I will make a video soon announcing this to spread the word. Also stay tuned for forums!
I might/might not make them. If you want forums vote in this poll in the sidebar which will help me decide in making them or not.

I just uploaded a new video! It is about a new AC:CF hacking tool called PattViewX (Pattern Viewer Xpress). It is only available for VIP members at
Now, I'm not a VIP member but I got to try a press demo that Vash offered me and I made this video showing all of its new features. It is a great program so if you like PattView and if you like what you see in the video, you should consider getting VIP at if your signed up.

More Info on VIP status:

If you don't want to watch the video, check out this guide I made at the site:

This video explains what RSS is and the importance of it in blogs. As you can see in the top right corner of the ARSC Blog there are some RSS links. I recommend you to subscribe to this blog via RSS so you will know important updates in the Wii and DS Homebrew scene and also ARSC Site updates. If you have yahoo mail, gmail, or any other feedburner this will work for you. Watch the video for more info on what RSS is and be sure to subscribe!

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Hello everyone! I'd like to thank everyone that referred me when voting for the top 10 DS Homebrew games and applications. The voting has now ended and the results are in!

The voting and referrer winners:
Voting Winner: Ikonz101 who voted for “1. GameUp 2. Codename Hacker 3. StillAliveDS”.
Referring Winner: "...And the winner is… comment #45 on page 5. Jesse M was referred by DSHacker14. So $25 goes to DSHacker14. The lesson here is, if you’re the only person that makes an effort to win a contest, you’ll get an easy prize."
(link to the post where winners where announced)

The results for the top 10 DS Homebrew are in!
With over 200+ votes the results are finally in! You can view the results for the top 10 DS Homebrew by clicking on this link. There are interviews by the creators of the apps/games posted there aswell. If you would like to see the top 20 winners go here.

I decided to wait at least a week before posting anything about Wii 4.2 on my blog since I though it would take at least a week or two until a fix came out. Lucky for us, Nintendo was so dumb they only changed the title id of the homebrew channel so a fix was available within 48 hours (today). Talk about Nintendo failure. Anyway I'm not going to make another video on how to get the Homebrew Channel on 4.2, I just updated my already existing video and posted on my site and twitter to get the word out. So on to the fix and information.

Sep 29, 2009: Nintendo has released a new version of the Wii, 4.2. If you update through Nintendo you will upgrade to this version. This version deletes the Homebrew Channel and disables the bannerbomb exploit (v1).

If you've ALREADY updated your Wii to 4.2 use Bannerbomb v2 to get the Homebrew Channel:

If you HAVEN'T updated to 4.2 but you WANT TO use the Hackmii installer v5 ( to update your homebrew channel to 1.0.5 with it. Once your Homebrew Channel is updated you can update to 4.2 and the Homebrew Channel will still be there. However it is NOT recommended to update to 4.2