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Hello everyone! I'd like to thank everyone that referred me when voting for the top 10 DS Homebrew games and applications. The voting has now ended and the results are in!

The voting and referrer winners:
Voting Winner: Ikonz101 who voted for “1. GameUp 2. Codename Hacker 3. StillAliveDS”.
Referring Winner: "...And the winner is… comment #45 on page 5. Jesse M was referred by DSHacker14. So $25 goes to DSHacker14. The lesson here is, if you’re the only person that makes an effort to win a contest, you’ll get an easy prize."
(link to the post where winners where announced)

The results for the top 10 DS Homebrew are in!
With over 200+ votes the results are finally in! You can view the results for the top 10 DS Homebrew by clicking on this link. There are interviews by the creators of the apps/games posted there aswell. If you would like to see the top 20 winners go here.


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