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Here's the newest video I have made. Its called "USB Loader - Ultimate Tutorials".
Video URL:

Here's the description:

These are the tutorials in the video. Skip to the time of whatever tutorial your looking for.
0:07 - Requirements
0:23 - How to get the USB Loader on the Hombrew Channel
1:07 - Setting up the USB Loader
2:05 - Adding Wii games to your USB (on PC)
2:30 - Extracting an ISO (Wii game) from your USB
3:06 - Reformatting your USB
3:32 - Installing a Wii game via the USB Loader
4:44 - Playing a Wii game via the USB

WBFS Manager:

USB Loaders:
- SD/USB Loader
- Wii Coverflow
- USB Loader GX

Thanks to sildownic for uploading this with his internet.

The DSi was recently hacked by the great minds of team twiizers. We can only expect cooler and greater things for the DSi scene in the future. Due to the huge excitement some people are already starting to develop their own homebrew apps for the DSi. For example, iDSitheman has been working on a very interesting project over the last few days. It will be called DSiTube which is, yep you guessed it right, YouTube for the DSi! Here's a link to Team twiizers and iDSitheman youtube channels so you can subscribe to them and stay updated:

Team Twiizers:

You can also count on me to blog these news and in the near future make my own DSi hacking videos. So stay tuned to ARSC - Nintendo Hackers HQ!