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Keeping you updated on the Wii and DS homebrew scene! And now the DSi!

Goodbye freewebs and hello new site! Visit our new and improved site here: I still need to tweak it abit, but it can only get better from here. Later I will register my own domain and then I will make a member interface. E-mail your suggestions/comments please!
Well on to our usual hacking updates:

1. wad manager v1.4 is out by waninkoko, it works with all versions of the wii
2. New version of the homebrew channel is out and can be installed with bootmii. It now supports loading apps from the usb.
3. Usb loader v1.5 is out by waninkoko. You can load wii isos from a usb. (very convinient)
4. DSi SD exploit is soon to be found. Meanwhile check the wiki:
5. Gecko 1.9.01 is released and it has some nice updates. One in which you can change how the design and background looks like.
6. Be sure to checko out the safe firmware updater to 4.0 and the new downgrader 1.1

Latest Video:
This is my latest video about how to get the homebrew channel on a 4.0 wii throught the newest exploit, called bannerbomb, which replaces twilight hack. You no longer need to use twilight princess :). Btw, my next video will be about item tool. Maybe a tutorial or something, im stilll thinking about it.

Site updates:
I am very close to being finished with the new site, i just need to trim it around the edges to make it look nicer. But the main pages are all done. I've been a little lazy lately so I havent set up the download center and I still need to add a coulple of videos, and then im done. Also If anyone has experience with MySQL databases, please e-mail me at And if anyone knows any good hosts that support various coding languges and mySQL databases, email me.