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Keeping you updated on the Wii and DS homebrew scene! And now the DSi!

Latest Video:
This is my latest video about how to get the homebrew channel on a 4.0 wii throught the newest exploit, called bannerbomb, which replaces twilight hack. You no longer need to use twilight princess :). Btw, my next video will be about item tool. Maybe a tutorial or something, im stilll thinking about it.

Site updates:
I am very close to being finished with the new site, i just need to trim it around the edges to make it look nicer. But the main pages are all done. I've been a little lazy lately so I havent set up the download center and I still need to add a coulple of videos, and then im done. Also If anyone has experience with MySQL databases, please e-mail me at And if anyone knows any good hosts that support various coding languges and mySQL databases, email me.


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