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Site Updates
Hey everyone! I'm going to update the site with new tutorials such as:

- How to make basic AR codes
- Downgrading your Wii from any version to any version

I also need you cooperation to make the site better so if you can upload something- anything to the site like, for example, a subscription with your codes, or even submit a url of a video you think is good/helpful.

Maintaining the site
If you have noticed... the pictures i put under the "homebrew news" topic on the home page are refferals (prize rebel link). I put them there because since i dont have a paypal donate link and it does take some money out of my pocket to maintain the site, its the only way to earn revenue. So with that said if you wish to donate to the site (no money involved) just sign up here and do at least 2 offers so I can get 75% of however many points you get- you benefit and i benefit. If you dont want to do it.. that's okay. It's optional so don't feel obligated.

,Hello! This is SPARTA! actually this is sildownic. :D We have some new pwnsome updates for you wii haxxorz out there.. in another galaxy- Super Mario Galaxy 2! Ok seriously though here are the updates:

  • Will upload new Wii downgrader with readme.
  • New video! Called, "Best of the best, Recommended Wii Homebrew". View here (on teh tube). Also be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe!
  • New member system! Read about it here. Register here!

Many people have been asking me, "how do you downgrade your Wii?" Well ive been searching all over youtube for the video that is the most accurate and helpful and I have found this one. I apologize for not making a Downgrading video myself, but since there is alot out there already why not use them? Visit the link below to find out more about this video and be sure to read the description box.


Updates for ARSC:
1. I have updated the Wii downloads section so you must check that out
2. The subscriptions arent working for some people so I will fix that issue.
3. I will be uploading a new video Very soon so be ready, and also in the next few weeks expect a DSi video. After that there will (most likely) be a video on the USB Loader.

I would also like to take the time to thank all of you people that read this blog and visit our site and youtube channel. We GREATLY appreciate all of your uploads and feedback to the site, blog, and comments on our videos. You guys rock!

Want to help out with DSi homebrew development? Go Here: howtopic=149267 Download the DSi common key bruteforcer and read the forum for more information. By the way guys, im planning on making these videos so stay tuned:
- Recommended Wii Homebrew
- Acekard2i related video
- USB Loader video