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Here is my new video!

This video tells you about the new kind of DLC called OHDLC or Overlapped Hacked Downloadable Content, as well as all the other types of DLC.
At the time of making the nintendo dlc only had the items I put in the video but as of now there has been several new DLC:
- Nintendo DSi Bench

Game-Hackers "New Plan":

UPDATE: Do you want to make your own accf items? Now you can thanks to DsPet's Item_Tool and LMT. Download them at By the way I will soon be making a video about Item Tool and I'm looking for user made items so if you will submit your picture by sending me links through a Private Message or just e-mail them as an attachment, links, etc. to

Music: Google "D3Y" and click on his soundclick profile and view all of his music and it's called KK Slider Steep Hill Dance Remix

Check out youtubes future look (beta):

My next video is going to be about Item Tool and LMT so stay tuned. :)

Yes once again i updated the css template. I've decided to update the freewebs site and organize it more while i work on the HTML site and move to another web host. I realized it would take me longer than i expected so im going to spend the next 2 weeks or so updating the already up and running arsc site for you people. I don't know exactly when the HTML site im working will be finished but if all goes well ill probably have it done or close to done in the next month. If i don't ill work on it during the summer and make it as best i can. Here are a few updates:

- Im going to upload a new video on youtube about OHDLC soon
- Item tool is out go check it out at
- My next video will be about item tool

If you have any ideas or suggestions for arsc please email me at They are greatly appreciated.

Well.. making each and every page of the site with html might take me longer than i expected.. luckily though, i have downloaded a great html editor to speed up the pace. I only have one problem though with the new site. I don't really know how to transfer all the members that are on freewebs to the new site. :/ (if anyone knows the solution, please state it by commenting :D) But I also see it as a good thing because it can serve as a members clean out or people sign up because they truely want to join my site, not because of just wanting to download something from my mediafire account that has a password on it -.- Anyways, in ACCF news, the dsi couch has been released and a new version of ez dlc install is available on (thanks to DsPet) Also OHDLC is in it's begginings (read more about that in and i will soon be making a video of that and the new ITEM_TOOl and LMT (tools for creating items/HDLC in accf) once DsPet releases it. Please ask questions in the comments.