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I got my freewebs account back a few days ago, but i've been thinking lately and I don't really want to be with freewebs anymore for several reasons. I'm not going to explain these reasons here but all I want you people to know is stay tuned whenever i change the website url because im going to be moving to a different host and, unlike freewebs, I will be actually making the pages again with html so I will get to learn a few things about programming and also css style sheets. I've already made a few of the pages so it won't be long untill im done with the whole site.

Wow.. someone reported my site on freewebs for copyright infringement O.o I'm sure I didn't have any and whoever reported it didn't even e-mail me to state why.. Hopefully freewebs will let me have it back. If they don't then im thinking about moving to a better website host. I just don't know who.. Anyway, all my pages are saved so it should be no problem. The only problem is how to move my members.. Well it is all just a matter of time and I hope to get the site up and running soon. I do have some good news though, we have three new official DLC they are:

  • Girl's day updo (released in Japan)
  • Shamrock hat (first DLC released in US)
  • Tokonoma (released in Japan)
These new DLC can be downloaded here.

Tour of my town and house, hope you like it :)

Map of my town:

Video made by: DsHacker14/elquesiempregana

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