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Now this is the video tutorial i made. From the DsHacker14 youtube channel. Feel free to subscribe if you want :)

This video shows you how to make a giveaway and how to add the latest DLC items to your inventory using EZ_DLC_INSTALL (made by DSPet).
PLEASE NOTE: I made a mistake on when your choosing the parched flowers to replace them with DLC items, you have to choose one of the first five on the list. So you can't choose just any.

What you will need:

1.EZ_DLC_INSTALL: More info on this here:
2.ACToolkit: (or look on my other videos for a direct link)
3.An ACCF save
4.Homebrew channel
5.Legit copy of ACCF
6.An SD Card

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UPDATE: Sorry if I don't answer your questions immediatly..because, let's just say my internet is gone until further notice.. but if you're wondering how I got this video on here if I don't have internet..well that's just because I have really nice friends. :) (sildownic) "

This is a nice video showing off the Hacked downloadable content in accf. I have made a video like this, but with instructions showing how to get it and everything but i accidently deleted it so I will be uploading it later. - Thunder13/Elquesiempregana