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This is a nice video showing off the Hacked downloadable content in accf. I have made a video like this, but with instructions showing how to get it and everything but i accidently deleted it so I will be uploading it later. - Thunder13/Elquesiempregana

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Can you get me money? I put my email as my name so email if you can. Love ya! ~Erika

Hey, where can I get HDLC like this? I've looked everywhere for some like this, and all the sites I've been to say that everyone is banned from selling them... Which makes me really made, because I want them.. So, if you could tell me where you got them, that'd be awesome. :)

@Taylor: Go to and sign up so you can learn how to create your own items and add hacked items that people have made (for example: Lightsabers, master sword, spinning pokeballs, etc.) Look in the gamecube and wii hacking forum for ez dlc install.

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