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Just a quick update. I finally installed a "toolbar" on all of the parts of the site. Check it out (it should appear on your browser below.
It was pretty easy to install and if you have a website/blog you should get it from here: [link].

Version 0.8 of the homebrew channel and beta 6 of bootmii has been released! Here are the new features:
- Homebrew Channel has USB 2.0 support. If you have a version below 4.3 and want USB 2.0 support, go into the homebrew browser, Utilities, then download the IOS58 installer. If you don't have internet access on your Wii then here is the installer's wiki page:
- General Bug fixes to Bootmii.


ALSO If you didn't know, you can add themes to your Homebrew Channel:

Btw, I'm going to try to write more interesting posts and not be all nerdy and technical all the time... Lol.