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Well.. making each and every page of the site with html might take me longer than i expected.. luckily though, i have downloaded a great html editor to speed up the pace. I only have one problem though with the new site. I don't really know how to transfer all the members that are on freewebs to the new site. :/ (if anyone knows the solution, please state it by commenting :D) But I also see it as a good thing because it can serve as a members clean out or people sign up because they truely want to join my site, not because of just wanting to download something from my mediafire account that has a password on it -.- Anyways, in ACCF news, the dsi couch has been released and a new version of ez dlc install is available on (thanks to DsPet) Also OHDLC is in it's begginings (read more about that in and i will soon be making a video of that and the new ITEM_TOOl and LMT (tools for creating items/HDLC in accf) once DsPet releases it. Please ask questions in the comments.


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