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Many of you frequent visitors to my site are well aware that I update my site regularly. In this post I will make note of all of my recent updates as well as a new staff member on my site.

Here are my recent updates:

  • Added a search bar to the main home page
  • Made a table with the new content that has been added to the site. I will keep this updated every time new content is added. Located on the home page.
  • Made a new page for requests. That means you can make a request for a subscription, Wii Tutorial, DS Guide, etc. and the staff will do their best to get it done.
  • DsHacker14 (me) has written several new Wii tutorials as well as updated the Pokesav tutorial for use with Pokemon Platinum.
And now for the new staff member:

Microchip55! He was an Elite member and has contributed to the site mostly in AR subscriptions and we have decided to promote him as a moderator and co-owner in the ARSC Chat. He can make Action Replay codes and subscriptions.


thanks for adding me to the announcment!

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