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Win $20 for voting in the top 10 DS homebrew ever made. If you vote you will be eligible to enter a raffle in which someone will be chosen to win $20! So start voting here:
Also chose from the long list of homebrew and vote on 3 and post on the site above. Example:

Name: DsHacker
Website: (do not put arsc)
1. name of homebrew from list
2. name of homebrew from list
3. name of homebrew from list
Referred by DsHacker14

If you decide to vote, remember to put in your comment that you where referred by me, DsHacker14!

If you are a homebrew developer enter this contest and you will be eligible to win up to $500 in prizes! (See more info here) All you have to do is send an email to: stating your name, the name of your software and your website address.


Guys, just so you know: Your supposed to comment on the r4revolution site, not on my blog because it is a vote and I think they should remain anonymous.

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