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So this is the newest video I've made. It's about getting free Gamecube Games and playing them on your Wii!
I've been told that It looks proffesional and such and I agree. :P It's actually my first video that has voice (Thanks to Samsome000) and It's probably the most "noob-friendly".
Original Link:

This needs more attention.

Asiekierka has modded WB3000's Common Key Bruteforcer to make it use Distributed Computing, as in every computer tries a selected part of the nearly infinite combinations! If you join, you make the process go faster! Add more computer's for more speed!


- Download it and run the EXE. It works on Linux and anything with Mono, too!

- If you exit the app in the middle of work, don't worry! The block you've been processsing is stored and will be taken on by someone else! It just makes it go a bit slower.


Woot! is finally back! After searching and searching for a perfect web host with 99.9% of server uptime I FINALLY found one! However, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience of having the site down for 3 weeks or so. Because of this I was unable to make videos. Thankfully now that that problem is solved I can finally get to the EPIC video ideas I have planned.

Important news:
As of now (Feb. 4, '10) I have a Wii hacking tutorial 96% finished and it should be uploaded in a day or so. It will be my first video to have VOICE! So I'm very exited :) After that video is released, I will start making the next videos I have planned, which I think you will enjoy ;)

Thank you for everyone that subscribed to me in the past year! If you don't already know, I started 2010 by hitting the 1,000 subscriber milestone! So I'm hoping for the best this year :)