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Woot! is finally back! After searching and searching for a perfect web host with 99.9% of server uptime I FINALLY found one! However, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience of having the site down for 3 weeks or so. Because of this I was unable to make videos. Thankfully now that that problem is solved I can finally get to the EPIC video ideas I have planned.

Important news:
As of now (Feb. 4, '10) I have a Wii hacking tutorial 96% finished and it should be uploaded in a day or so. It will be my first video to have VOICE! So I'm very exited :) After that video is released, I will start making the next videos I have planned, which I think you will enjoy ;)

Thank you for everyone that subscribed to me in the past year! If you don't already know, I started 2010 by hitting the 1,000 subscriber milestone! So I'm hoping for the best this year :)


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