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I will soon be making a page for members only (which means you have to sign up to see what's on it :D) This page will contain a copy of my ACCF Save (password protected and I will change the password every few days or so), pictures of all the hacks I or the other site admins have taken of their ACCF Town, A copy of mine or the other admins cheat code list (.txt file), and exclusive codes for ACCF That are hard to find (also full item list). That is not the only things that will be on that page, but just to give you an idea ;D. In the current non-member accf hacks page I have added a guide for ACToolkit and pictures. This guide is approved by ACToolkit's creator, Virus. This and more updates are soon to come. One more thing, I have added a New Events! page which is a calander of upcoming important events in ACCF and real life plus members birthdays.


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