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I know i'm a few days late but accf has came out in the NTSC Region (Canada & U.S). In addition to the release of this game, We have added a new page called "accf hacks". Also we have changed the forums look and made changes to the "wii hacks" page, adding a few more tutorials including how to get the Homebrew Channel and how to play DVDs on your Wii plus more. Stay tuned for the upcoming fun zone page and a video I will make on how to hack accf (or any other wii game) for those of you that would rather watch than read. If you are wondering what the game is rated since the boxart to the left does not show the rating, its obviously, rated E for everyone.
New Look on ARSC Forums
1. I have added a new template, tell me what you think about it in the comments.
2. I have added new features such as "site updates" an affliates box for advertisement, so if you'd like to advertise your site then just send me an image at my email (
3. The ability to make polls (yes now you can make polls on anything!)
4. This isn't really a new look but the admins that we pick out of the forums will now have control over the main site.
5. We have now added a really cool chatbox, so check it out!
ACCF Hacks Page
Countdown timers for both games have been added. A slideshow of how people hacked the game have been added. If you take pictures of your town hacked or not you can email them to me so I can add them to the slideshow. Later I will add two different slideshows for hacking accf and not hacking accf. If you have videos of your town hacked or not I recommend you join the videos page and register so you can add your own videos.


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