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Hey everyone! Over the past week there has been many updates to the main site and the forums. I have added 2 more subscriptions for ACWW which completes all the versions except the Japanese version. I have also added the Download Center where all the files from all the pages on ARSC are found and files that users post in the forums. As for the ARSC Forums, we are in need of moderators and Administrators. If you are interested in being a mod/admin, register at and Private Message Thunder13 and include why you think you should be a mod/admin, if you've had experience with any forums, and what you could do to improve the main site and the forums. If you are accepted as a Moderator you can :
1. Help run/organize the forums.
2. Give ideas about improving the main site (credit will be given).
3. Manage the ARSC toolbar (including adding site links, podcasts, rss feeds, and gadgets.)
If you are accepted as an Administrator you can :
1. Run/Organize the forums.
2. Help Manage the main site (with the freewebs site manager [html experienced users are greatly appreciated] add subscriptions, files to download, and you can add your own subscriptions). Credit will be given to those that help run the site & forums.
3. Manage the ARSC toolbar (same as Moderator).
4. Contributing to RSS feeds (making a feed like this one except your the author and credit will be given to you).

Well thats it for the privileges. See you next time at the ultimate AR Subscription site on the web, Action Replay Subscription Central!


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