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I have added a new page called, "ISO Loader guide" that explains step by step on how to be able to run ISOS on your soft modded wii. Also I have added many new homebrew applications and games so you can check them out at the site links click "Download Center" and I've also gotten access to D3Y's (famous Animal Crossing music remixer XD) music which is available for download. There is a music player where you can listen to his songs and see if your interested in downloading them for free. To download them click on the banner that says, "check out D3Y's AC remixes HERE!" and register at soundclick to be able to download them. I recommend this because if you would listen to his songs they sound pretty sweet. In other news I have decided to make this RSS Feed contain all the news and changes that are made to ARSC instead of the home page because it clutters it up with to much information. So if you haven't subscribed to this feed you should if you want to recieve news, updates, changes, and stuff of that matter. You could also download the toolbar if you haven't already at: Not only will I be putting site changes here but also the latest Nintendo news.


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