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I've recently just set up my first checking account at my local bank and I've also made a PayPal account. If you've visited the site lately you might have noticed a new 'Donate' PayPal button. Yes, I've decided that I need help with maintaining the site's hosting and server fees and I am open to donations. Anything is fine, but keep in mind I chose to do this than spam Google Ads everywhere. If all goes well I will never have to end up doing that. If not, then I might consider the option in the future for the sake of keeping the site online. That's pretty much it on the update. I'm working on my college portfolio at the moment for web/graphic design so I'm pretty busy. However, I am working on a personal site that will feature my Curriculum Vitae/Resume and online portfolio just so you know. I guess I will release the link in the future, perhaps.

Oh yes, here's the button ;)
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Hey guys! I made a special video to commemorate reaching the milestone of 5000 subscribers! To thank you my subscribers I'm going to have a giveaway
Click this link to view my special video and enter the giveaway :D : 

So many people have wanted a bannerbomb-like exploit for the latest Wii version. Until now, the only way you could get the Homebrew Channel was through retail games that you had to either own, buy, or rent. No longer! Now you just need an SD card like the good old days. Likely, I have released a tutorial on this exploit:

So crediar managed to exploit the Wii Message Board. This allows you to hack your Wii without the use of any games (ex; lego indiana jones, lego blahhhh)
The exploit hasn't been released yet, and I think he's going to wait until Skyward Sword is released. Since Nintendo will probably issue another update along with that game. Anyways, video proof below:


As always, I will have a fresh new tutorial once this exploit is released. :)

YEAH! I'm impressed at how I managed to edit this is only 2 days... :D
Well check out the new video below. Also! Be sure to check out a new collab channel that I'm in, it's called AuroraAlliance and I'll be uploading gameplay (mostly RPG stuff) regularly :)

How to get FREE WiiWare, Virtual Console, and Custom Channels

I've just finished redesigning the iPod/iPhone hacking site. Check it out here:
Also, if you didn't know the letters stand for: Everything Apple Tech Reviews. Anyway, I'm going to make some new videos for that channel and also redesign this blog since I'm getting tired of the same old colors. :P
P.S. Check out the new guide on the site:
How to jailbreak any 3rd gen+ iDevice on 4.3.3

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I'll be recording for youtube. :)
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