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January 28, 2011: Nintendo removed Sudoku from the EUR/AU and USA DSi Shop. At the time of the USA Sudoku removal, there was 234 injection requests from the client software, and 1684 client software release archive downloads. The download/request ratio is large because there was several downloads per minute, while each user took several minutes to buy Sudoku and inject Sudokuhax, thus there was one injection request every couple minutes.
February 2, 2011: At the time of this writing, Nintendo is in the process of releasing the Sudoku patch. Only a new TMD is available, the old/new content isn’t available currently. And at this time when trying access the Sudoku page from DSi Shop “Account activity”, it displays an error saying this software was removed due to certain circumstances.

Nintendo, it pisses me off when you do this. How many people out there actually know that you can hack a DSi? Or even a Wii? All the people that I talk to at school and such no NOTHING about it. What are the odds that those people will use it for PIRACY like you so much fear? Because you want money that you can't get enough of? With the release of the 3DS you'll even have more money. I hate big corporations that do that. Nintendo probably isn't even going to read this, but I just wanted to state my opinions.
Anyways, as I read in blasty's tweet, there will most likely be a new DSi mode exploit coming. There's no stopping hackers.


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